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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 23, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> panic and terror as a government airstrike kills dozens waiting for bread in central syria. the attack happened as the u.n. and mediators arrived in damascus. this is al jazeera live. indian protesters defied a ban and take to the streets to vent their anger over a bridge toll -- brutal gang rape.
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the head of the u.s. gun moll goes on television to defend his call for armed guards in every school. they are helping keep kids out of trouble in south africa. welcome to the program. all they were trying to do was buy bread. this has turned into a tragedy in central syria. dozens of people are said to have died at the bakery was hit by a government air strike. this is as they arrived in damascus for more talks aimed at ending the violence. >> panic, chaos, anger. this is the aftermath of what
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the opposition says was an air strike carried out by a syrian fighter jet. the observatory for human rights says those killed and wounded were queueing outside a bakery. only five days ago it was under the control of government forces. in the rebels recently opened a new battlefront and this region of hama. territorial gains mean little when the states still have superior firepower to strike back. the information minister said the government is willing to engage a in dialogue but the other side is not. >> i have a general advice to those powers that reject. time is getting short. curry and move on to work on a political -- hurried to move on to work on a political solution. this is my advice. >> defiant words and defined actions on the ground.
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the opposition believes the government has been weakened and is looking for a deal to stay in power. brahimi is in damascus to find a political settlement. it is the clarity has a goal. he is trying to get them to agree on a transitional government to ensure an orderly transfer of power. the sources are not expecting an immediate breakthrough even though the position of the american and russian governments is now closer than ever. >> there could be hard bargaining ahead. scenes like these will continue if the two sides are not willing to compromise. >> more than half a million syrians that are registered or pending registration as refugees in neighboring countries. the actual number is much higher. the latest figures from the
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refugee aid shows that more than 164,000 are waiting to register in lebanon. nearly 3000 in jordan. turkey's government says the more than 142,000 syrians are registered. they fled the city and are now living in harsh conditions in a camp near the border with turkey. >> what can we do that we feel cold. everybody is hungry. what can we do? we do not have a heater or gas. we cannot make a fire. we cannot do anything. the refugee center only gets us to loaves of bread for six people. >> they were told -- thousands poured onto the streets defying a ban on gathering more than five people appear they're venting their anger over the
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brutal gang rape of a young woman. police used tear gas to stop the crowd from marching on to the palace. >> men and women are once again out in the street for the seventh day in a row. they are demanding immediate justice for the one in raped by a group of men. >> we want the government to hear our voices. we're here for the justice for that girl. we want the lot to be amended so no one can dare to even think about doing such an act once again. every now and then the girl has been getting raped. is this the world we're living in? what kind of is this? -- hell is this? >> 11 in its raped every 20
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minutes -- one woman gets raped every 20 minutes in india. this seems to be a turning point for many indians. >> we're standing here, united. [inaudible] >> after police got protesters they have announced that section 144 has been imposed. is a provision that bans on lawful assembly. a large number of police along with the paramilitary have been deployed. nothing seems to deter these protesters. >> the situation is very fluid. they're trying to get the government. they have been blocking the road, and during signature campaign down the road.
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it demands the immediate justice for the victims. >> the protests soon turned violent after demonstrators fought police as they tried to break the barricade. police have used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. they are demanding more actions from the government. >> this is a new generation. a new generation were every youth is not over from by the powers that be. they have taken to the streets. >> as the victim fights for her life, her supporters continue to fight for justice on the streets. al jazeera, a new delhi. >> and north of the country a journalist covering a protest against the tape of an actress has been shot dead. he was killed when police opened fire on demonstrators. a local film star alleged she
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was sexually assaulted last week by a member of the separatist group. this has intensified anger against the authorities. >> they should bring out the policeman. the whole department has failed to perform its duties. government should resign. we will intensify the protests until the government takes the appropriate actions. we are even ready to sacrifice our lives. >> mali have started their campaign to restore a historical sites in timbuktu. the group began targeting it in july. they believe it is blasphemous to islam. they believe it is the group's responsibility. they called for international intervention to remove the
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rebels from the northern mali. as mullions say they have raided a hijacked ship and rescued 22 hostages held for nearly three years. some people are still being held hostage by somali pirates. after keeping been in suspense, mario monti has ruled out running in the february elections. he said he would consider leaving a future government is asked to. the as political parties not to destroy his achievement in saving the country from crisis. >> on sunday mario monti announced his plans for the future. two days after his resignation. >> i am not joining any specific party. i like the parties and the social class is to take home
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these ideas. or any other ideas. we need to come up with ideas. i hope the ideas here will be adopted by the vast majority of parliaments and also that it will bring new energy to the debate. >> it will not run directly into the next elections. he said to be ready to leave the country again. on one condition. at the next ruling party followed the strike plan of reforms said to bring its early back on the path of economic growth. he was forced to resign on friday, months before the end of his term after berlusconi's party withdrew their support. berlusconi says monti could not follow. after the press conference mario monti returned here in the
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officials prime minister residence. where he was still live there -- whether he will still there will be whether the law and to finish the job he has started. >> he is trying to stay in power while avoiding disgruntled italians. >> the capability to be useful when the election can maybe give a result. the necessity of this can be useful to the government. >> i do not think that his manifesto will change anything. politics is quite embarrassing. we sell its -- seed every day from berlusconi. i do not think his resignation will bring much cheer or in europe. >> i hope that even if the distances himself he will contribute to the rebirth of our country. our country is in a difficult situation.
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>> campaigning for the elections will start officially with the biggest player in italian politics. in the end he may be called again to leave the country out of the economic crisis. al jazeera, rum. >> still to come, the egyptian presidential palace after the opposition rejects the results of the referendum. a fire tears through market in the afghan capital destroying hundreds . we will be back in just a few. >> hello. the weather is looking good for eastern parts of brazil. the showers are directing their ways into the heart of the
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basin. there is a chance of wonder to showers. we've seen some wet weather at around 32 degrees. we will see highs around 30 celsius. it is pretty humid and monday. i would not be surprised to see a rumble of thunder. around 20here are degrees celsius. they are drifting away. this is speeding across the islands across intricate islands acrosscosta rica. kingston getting up to 30 degrees celsius was some lovely sunshine. not too much across the u.s. at the moment. we have the streaming across
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parts. we will make the way southern.
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>> welcome back. our top stories. stearin activists say a government air strike killed dozens of people who were queuing for bread. it came as the un and on a voice for syria arrived in damascus for more talks. thousands of people have defied a ban and continue their protest against a gang rape of a woman in new delhi. italy's outgoing prime minister
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said the most important thing is to get the economy back on track. he would lead a future government if asked. opposition leaders in egypt have called for an investigation. the muslim brotherhood says 64% vote4d yes. 36% voted no. official reserves are expected on monday. the turnout was incredibly low. the results are unlikely to end the turmoil in the country. we have more now from cairo. >> the opposition response to a sewage tank is position that it does not consider the constitution legitimate and it will continue to fight it by peaceful means. >> it is only a beginning.
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we will not allow it to change the identity of egypt. we will work to change this constitution. >> after complaints of fraud and irregularities, the commission promised to look into them fairly. it is not clear if they will deem the serious enough to investigate. this is the heart of the resolution. >> we will never recognize the constitution which is built on the wrong foundation. we promise got ourselves to continue until we win or die. >> not everyone agrees that it is flawed. >> the referendum was free and fair. i have seen it. over 60% voted yes. the egyptian people need to commit to the balance.
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>> the low turnout remains a lingering issue. it is the lowest in any vote since the revolution. the divide and controversy continues. many people decided not to vote at all. it shows how disillusioned the public has grown with the leadership. the presidential palace remains bearcat did -- barricaded. is up to them to bridge the gap between them and the people. suit in nonak now resident fellow at the think tank institution. great to have you with us. good evening. this is still causing some controversy. is it fair to say it is relevant? >> it is not so much about
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irrelevant as it has a message to be given to both sides of the equation. the yes vote in the no vote camps have failed to bring out a majority of the egyptian people even to vote. that is quite troubling for the future of egypt's political arena and the support they have. >> what happens now? what often predict options does the opposition have? >> -- what options as the opposition have? >> there see how they can navigate this new political arena. there is some weakness. it did not exist prior to the resolution. they have a long way to go in terms of political maturity. they have been driven by themselves in terms of
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disagreeing on common strategies. they have different ways of looking at how the country should be run. i think after this referendum they will be looking to see whether the base within egypt's is where the majority of egyptians lived and seeing how they can transform popular discontent into actual support for a proper political platform from the opposition itself. >> while all of this is going on the egyptian economy is in very poor shape. what chance does he stand of getting egyptians behind him as he tries to do something to kickstart -- kickstart the economy? >> that is the million-dollar question. the economy is what will suffer the most. it is what is on everybody's
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mind. it is the primary issue that most egyptians are thinking about. it is not clear how far he will get on that particular issue. the level of angst about the economy i think will be linked to how far mr. morsi can build alliance. that impression also carries overseas. we shall see how that actually affects foreign investment as well as the help of the egyptian economy at large. >> thank you for being with us. >> secretary intentions have erupted into protests with thousand demonstrating. they are demanding the release
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of bodyguards assigned to the finance minister. it is another example of the shia led government. >> a show of support for the iraqi finance minister. a defiant message from the city's. the local council has called for a civil disobedience. thousands have blocked the highway. did they are demanding the release of nine body guards of the finance minister who were arrested on thursday. they are calling this suit their secretary and approach -- to their secretarian approach. >> what politicians are doing is
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polarizing. it is based on secretary and affiliations. what is happening can escalate and can lead to more pressure on the prime minister. the prime minister has denied the accusations and has called for them to respect the rule of law. he added that the government is responsible for pursuing wanted terrorists. leaders accuse the prime minister of trying to consolidate the grip on power. the fugitive vice president has been sentenced to death on charges of terrorism. he said the prime minister is targeting its. >> the prime minister is pushing iraq. it is not that, let him released it. let him start. let the sumy's have jobs and
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joined the security forces. >> it is almost a year since u.s. forces had proof. barack obama said the u.s. was leading a secure democracy. events show iraq is neither stable or secure. >> a large fire has what they're a market in kabul destroying hundreds of shops. firefighters helped them save their stock. the blaze did millions of dollars worth of damage. the money exchange managed to move their money before the fire reached it. >> this would normally be a bustling day. as you can see, everything is close. a devastating fire. hundreds of shops have all been burned. they have been telling us they
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have tens of thousands of dollars in the shop. you can see much of the merchandise has been destroyed. it will be difficult to estimate the damages. >> his response to the u.s. goal shooting that left 22 dead was described as revolting. the head of the national rifle association has gone on television to push his plan for armed guards in every school. >> on friday the nra was blunt about how to stop mass shootings. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> the nra's leaders of blame the media and violent video games for gun violence and refused to answer questions about their plans to build schools with gun carrying security guards.
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now the main spokesman wayne lapierre defended his organization's position. >> if it is crazy to call for pall lifting -- put in place in our schools to protect our children, call me crazy. >> the nra is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the country with 4 million members. it carries a lot of weight of political circles. since the shooting there have been calls to ban military weapons like the ar-15. opinion among politicians is divided. >> trying to prevent shootings in schools without talking about guns is like trying to prevent lung cancer without talking about cigarettes. >> i do not suggest we ban every movie with a gun in it. i do not suggest you take my right to buy an ar-15 away from me. >> more than 200 people a day
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are shot in the united states. these are some of the headlines from the past week. four people killed in a shooting in pennsylvania. a three hour standoff in topeka and with a man shot dead. a high school student charged with making gun threat against a local school. the white house task force reported the congress may take up gun-control measures in the new year. no one knows whether newtown change the appetite. the battle for gun control could be a long drawn out affair filled with dangers for politicians from both sides. al jazeera, washington. >> and mexican police official has announced he is quitting after wake of corruption charges. he has rejected the allegations that after 23 years of service he will resign on december the 34th. he faced strong criticism following a shootout at the airport that killed three officers at in june. officers at in june.
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